Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wedding Trends for 2017

With the end of 2016 approaching, we are excited to see another year of weddings here at the Historic Pinecrest. We've seen some fund trends in this past year, but it looks like 2017 is not going to disappoint! From continuing to use fun colors, as well as incorporating new aspects like morphing wedding gowns - here are a few fun trends you can expect to see in 2017. We hope these help you as you plan your dream wedding in Colorado Springs!

Colorful Creations

Bright colors are still here to stay! While many weddings of the past featured white as the main color, many brides are opting for colors that describe them. We're also finding that less floral arrangements are appearing and more props and hanging decor.

Grand Entrances

Nothing says here comes the bride like a large, elaborate entrance. Many brides are making way for over-the-top entrances into their wedding by using unique entertainment to grab the attention of your guests.

Virtual Planning

In years past, brides would buy many magazines and catalogs to plan their wedding. They probably even kept notes with paper and pen (and probably lost a few of them, too.) The modern bride is looking for a virtual way to keep herself organized and find the perfect piece with the click of their finger.

Vertical Decor

Brides are breaking through glass ceilings when it comes to their decor. By taking advantage of vertical space in their wedding venue in Colorado Springs they are creating a dramatic flare. Tall tapers paired with luxurious candelabras, as well as string lights that hang low or even vintage bulbs and chandeliers are all fun details you will find in 2017.

Fun Ice-Breakers

A wedding isn't just an event to attend anymore, it's a party to get involved in! From interactive food stations to lawn games - brides are incorporating fun entertainment to keep the guests amused.

Neutral and Bright

Think of neutral grays and browns combined with bright colors and metallics. There are some beautiful color pallets coming for you in 2017.

Twice the Gown

You've probably seen the gowns on Pinterest that double as a wedding and reception gown - and they're still making an impact this year. In fact, many brides are opting for this route because they can have a beautiful sheath dress as well as a ball gown without having to buy two dresses.

Never Ending Feast

As the wedding becomes a party that goes into the night, we're seeing food that is served into the night as well. Think of late night snacks like nachos, pizza, or fast finger foods. There are also more courses being added onto the menu aside from just a salad and main dish.

Decadent Desserts

While the traditional wedding cake will always play a role in a wedding, many couples are thinking outside the box and getting creative. There are many alternatives like donuts, pies, cookies, and even blocks of cheese. The sky is the limit when you plan the sweets for your wedding!


It's a techy age, and with that comes brides who want to involve technology in their weddings. Whether it's custom Snapchat filters, 3D printing for customized cake toppers, place cards, and more. There are also many brides who are incorporating live-streaming into their ceremonies, as many weddings are becoming destination weddings. Do you want to plan a destination wedding in Colorado Springs? We can help!

Charitable Donations

Finally, as many couples already have a home set up and don't need as many gifts - they are choosing a more generous way to give. Instead of accepting gifts, they are accepting donations for special causes.

Planning Your 2017 Wedding

This year is your year to shine! We are so excited to celebrate your special day with you - as well as help you in planning it. Our beautiful wedding venue is nestled in the mountains of Colorado and we would love to give you a tour. Visit our website to learn more about our wedding chapel in Colorado Springs or find out how you can schedule a tour!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tell Your Love Story with The Perfect Wedding Songs

Sometimes it's not the song that makes you emotional ... it's the people and things that come to your mind when you hear it ... - Unknown 

Just like your brain recalls memories from specific scents, your brain will recall memories, even many years later, associated with songs. Choosing your wedding songs is a special way to incorporate sentimental details into your wedding, but also save that same sentiment to enjoy years later. At the Historic Pinecrest, we know that planning your wedding can contain so many details, but that's why we want to help you cover everything. Here are a few of the ways you can choose your songs, and what types of songs you'll need.

Important Songs To Have

As you plan your wedding songs, there are key parts of your wedding that will need music. For those areas, make sure you cover any specific songs you want to be played. For all of the other areas, allow your DJ to get creative, and if you have certain songs you want to be scattered around, let them know. Here are a few important areas you'll want to specify songs for:


Many couples choose songs that are sentimental for this part of the wedding. This will be the part of the wedding where your bridal party and you walk down the aisle. You can opt for traditional songs like "Here Comes the Bride," or Pachelbel's Canon in D. You can also choose songs from your favorite movie's soundtrack, or your favorite love song without the words.

Recessional, after I Do's Mr & Mrs

This will be the song that you and your party walk back down the aisle to. You can repeat the songs that you walked up the aisle to, or you can choose fun and upbeat songs. 

Entrance Into the Reception for the Bridal Party and Mr & Mrs

Like the recessional song, you'll want something fun, upbeat, and exciting for this part of the wedding! This is where the bridal party and you and your new spouse get to make your fun exciting entrance!

First Dance

Just because you know you need to pick out a first dance song doesn't make it any easier. If you and your significant other don't have a special song already, there are hundred's of lists you can choose from. You can choose a song based off of the lyrics, or even use the season to choose a song.

Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance

There are many traditional songs you can choose from. Some are sentimental tear-jerkers, some can be funny and personal. Let your relationship guide your choice, and don't be afraid to be original.

From small weddings to large, choosing the songs for your wedding can be a fun part of your planning! While you're addressing and stamping the invitations you can turn on and online radio, select the love song channel and make notes on the songs you love. If you're looking for the perfect venue in Colorado Springs, we have a breathtaking chapel and a spacious event center where you can dance the night away. Visit our website to learn more about our venue and schedule a tour!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

21 Unexpected Wedding Expenses - Part 2

There are so many details in a wedding, that it can be challenging for one woman to figure it all out. From decorations to the menu, you have enough on your mind - so we're here to help. The many facets of your budget can make it seem overwhelming, but there are a few items that brides tend to forget to add to their budget and then have to fork over the cash for later, so we're going to give you the scoop so you're not surprised later.

We recently covered Part 1 of Unexpected Wedding Expenses, and we discussed items like beauty treatments, wedding outfits, and even postage. Today we're going to continue the series and cover a few more items that you may have never thought of when putting your budget together.

Tips & Gratuities

Did you know that it's appropriate to tip your vendors? From the photographer to the floral designer, these tips can add up and can be a bit of a surprise if you weren't planning them into your overall cost.

Sales Tax & Service Charges

The same surprise can apply for sales tax and service charges. By figuring an extra 5-7%, you can most likely get the cost covered in your budget and maybe even have a little bit of a cushion.

Overtime Costs

Sometimes your vendors may have to stay longer than you anticipated for your big day, and those costs can add up quickly. Whether it's your photographer, caterer, or even your wedding planner - you'll want to add estimates to cover unexpected costs.

Delivery, Setup, and Breakdown Fees

Who knew that some companies charged fees like this? Check with your vendors while you're getting a quote to make sure that you are aware of these charges and can plan accordingly.

Including Yourself in the Head Count

While you're a very important part of this event (obviously!) sometimes you can forget to add yourself to the headcount - which can adjust the totals on your meals and more.

The Marriage License

Did you even realize that your marriage license would cost money? Call your courthouse ahead of time to find out how much it costs to get, and also how much it will cost to get a certified copy after the wedding. You'll probably want it so you can get your name changed quickly. Also find out what types of payment they take, as some courthouses only take cash.

A Hotel Room (for the night before)

If you have any amount of travel between you and your wedding destination, you may want to have a hotel room for the night before so you're closer. This is generally something you don't think about until you need it, and then it's an unexpected purchase.

Breakfast & Lunch for the Wedding Day

Maybe you weren't thinking about being hungry on your wedding day, but surprisingly, you could be ravenous! Not to mention your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family and others who are around.

Gifts For Your Parents

While you may not think about it at the time, once you get on Pinterest, you'll see so many cute ideas you just won't be able to resist. Plan ahead and add this to your budget so there is no going over.

Unexpected & Uninvited Guests

Sometimes this just can't be helped. You may have specified that there were no plus one's at your wedding, and your cousin still brought his girlfriend anyway, or someone who RSVP'd that they couldn't make it ends up being able to come - plan a few extra settings because you just never know what could happen.

Completely Unpredictable Things

Finally, there are just so many unpredictable things that can come up that you can't even dream to be prepared for. Add some padding to your budget so you can cover those items, and if they don't come up -  you still win because you're under budget!

Planning a Dream Wedding in Colorado Springs

From beginning to end, the Pinecrest Event Center wants to help you achieve your biggest dreams in your wedding. By making your budget at the start, and including some padding for unexpected issues you can relieve a bit of stress off of the day. If you are still looking for the best wedding venue in Colorado Springs, be sure to visit our website to learn more about our beautiful venue, or give us a call at 719-357-8613 to schedule a tour!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Getting Sent Off In Style

You've tediously planned every detail of your wedding, from the type of music you'll walk down the aisle to, to the flavor of cake and types of flowers in your centerpieces. From beginning to end, the day will be magical - but have you thought about how you'll be sent off? There are so many ways for you to make your grand exit from your fantastic day, so choose something elaborate, fun, and just your style.


If you're one of the brides who appreciates the fun, random, eccentric in life - let it show in your send off! You don't have to do the 'traditional' methods, and if your guests know you, they probably wouldn't expect them anyway. Do you dare to dream of leaving your Colorado Springs wedding with little pom poms flying through the air? What about confetti or streamers to celebrate your nuptials? Let your dreams take flight (and the confetti too!) and make this send off what you'll always remember. Here are a few ideas you can use for your send off:

  • Pom Poms
  • Streamers
  • Push Pop Confetti
  • Sparklers
  • Cap Guns
  • Glow Sticks
  • Paper Airplanes
  • Ribbon Wands
  • Sprinkles


Do you like the idea of a traditional and glamorous send-off? For the bride who loves some shine, there are many ideas, from throwing glitter to bubbles. You're wedding is probably filled with many elements of sophistication and grace - so why not incorporate that into your final moments of this great event?

  • Bubbles
  • Glitter
  • Metallic Confetti
  • Sky Lanterns
  • Feathers

Photo Credit:


For the earth conscious bride, you may want to choose a send off that represents this important aspect of your life. There are many ways you can capture the excitement of your day without having to clean up glitter, or being afraid that it will harm any of the natural elements we have around our Colorado Springs wedding venue. From bird seed to flowers, this is your chance to let your creativity flourish.

  • Wild Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Leaf Confetti (a DIY where you hole punch leaves!)
  • Bird Seed
  • Oatmeal


Finally, if you want to incorporate all of the senses into your wedding, you can choose fragrant options for the send-off. Did you know that different scents can trigger strong memories? Choose a specific fragrance for your send off and always be reminded of your special day when you encounter the same scent.

  • Rose Petals
  • Lavender
  • Wild Flowers
  • Herbs (mint leaves, thyme, sage, etc)

Planning Your Dream Wedding in Colorado Springs

From the moment you first receive the ring to the moment when you say I Do and get sent off in style, there are details to plan, decisions to make, and more. Let the team at The Historic Pinecrest assist you! We have the most beautiful wedding chapel in Colorado Springs, as well as a breathtaking reception hall. Visit our website to learn more about our facility and schedule your private tour today!

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