Thursday, October 19, 2017

About the Historic Pinecrest

When planning your wedding, one of the first details that must be addressed after the budget is the venue. Finding a beautiful venue that meets your seating needs, and fits your budget can be a bit like playing hide and go seek - but the Historic Pinecrest in Colorado is here to help. We have a breathtaking wedding venue in Palmer Lake, Colorado, and we would love to take you on a virtual tour! We have three separate facilities on sight that can make your wedding day more than you've ever dreamed.

The Wedding Chapel

Nestled against the foothills in a beautiful Colorado setting, the Chapel at Pinecrest is the quintessential location for a romantic, mountain wedding. Capture your most precious moments in the intimacy of our chapel. Bride’s and groom’s dressing rooms, foyer with guest book table, fabulous sound system and numerous décor choices are just part of what make Pinecrest’s Chapel so inviting. Take in the warm, rustic surroundings as you join your lives together in the company of those you cherish most.

The Event Center

Let the festivities begin! With ample space for up to 200 guests, you will enjoy the experience of a lifetime with all your family and friends!

The stage for the head table sets you apart while providing a bird’s eye view of your event. Enjoy the views from our spacious deck or relax inside, knowing our friendly, professional staff will maintain your event with the utmost care. Our digital sound system and professional DJ’s will ensure a celebration worthy of your special occasion.

The Lodge

With accommodations for up to 20 guests, the lodge is the perfect place to bring everyone together. The Lodge features 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a full-service kitchen and high-speed Wi-Fi access.

Additionally, the Lodge offers dining facilities for up to 50 people and is the perfect setting to host your intimate reception or event.

Start Planning TODAY!

Regardless of whether you're planning an elopement or an event for 200, Pinecrest is an ideal location for intimate Colorado wedding ceremonies and receptions. There are so many reasons why Pinecrest is the perfect choice for your wedding. We can't imagine a more beautiful setting than Pinecrest Wedding Chapel & Event Center. If you've always dreamt of getting married in a wedding chapel in Colorado, we've got just the place. Visit our website to learn more about our facility, and contact us to get started!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

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Friday, October 13, 2017

🌟🎥Throwing a Ritzy, Glitzy Movie Themed Wedding🎥🌟

If there's one thing that can tie a culture together, it's the film industry. From romance to adventure, and sci-fi to mystery, there's just something about a good movie that can capture your heart and hook you to the core. Because of that, movie-themed weddings can be a fun way to express your interests and create a very distinct style. If you want to plan a Colorado Springs Wedding designed from your favorite movie - check out these BREATHTAKING ideas!

Beauty and The Beast

This live-action film was released 2017, and it's finding an all-new love in the hearts of many moviegoers. This tale as old as time can be yours on your big day, and there are some really fun ways to incorporate it. From roses on the table to gold bridesmaid dresses, or even gold accents on YOUR wedding dress. There are many ways to bring the romance alive. Don't forget to include plenty of books in your centerpieces, too!

Click HERE to see a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.

Elegant Wedding Invites

Alice In Wonderland

You definitely don't want to be late for your VERY important date - but you can still incorporate aspects of this whimsical and dreamy movie theme into your Colorado Springs wedding! Clocks on the tables, "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" signs on the food and beverage tables, wearing white gloves with your wedding dress, and a few tasteful rabbit statues can be perfect for your big day. You could do afternoon tea, serving light appetizers and plenty of sweets - and don't forget the jam *wink*.

Click HERE to see an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding.


Harry Potter

If you're up to no good - then you're probably planning a magical Harry Potter wedding. Keep the magic wands at the ready, because you're going to need some special powers (and potions) to wrap this incredible event up. The potential for this day is unending, from making flowers from the actual book pages to serving up the best butterbeer around. You could even have a potion station for your guests to enjoy.

Click HERE to see a BEAUTIFUL Potter wedding.

Kelly Clarke / SWNS

Classic Film

If you can't possibly choose one movie that represents the relationship of you and your significant other - make it easy on yourself and just make MOVIES the theme! Your wedding will be complete with red, gold, black, and white accents everywhere. Put a red carpet down the aisle, a popcorn bar in your Colorado Springs event center, and your favorite movie quotes on all of the tables.

Click HERE to see movie themed wedding ideas.

Be-Spoke Bride

Happily Ever After

No matter what your theme, the Historic Pinecrest knows that you will have a spectacular day when you get married in our Colorado Springs wedding chapel. Our venue can be customized to match any number of styles from rustic to sophisticated. Visit our website to learn more about our Colorado Springs wedding venue - and stay tuned for our next Bridal Open House so you can try out your decor before your big day and meet some amazing vendors.

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

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Friday, October 6, 2017

2018 Wedding Trends to Swoon Over

If you're wedding is coming up in 2018 (or hopefully will be *wink*), it's time to start planning! From wedding dresses to venue, and decor, there are so many things to decide, but you don't have to do it alone. At the Historic Pinecrest in Colorado, we can help you make all of your wedding decisions and create the most beautiful wedding ever. Here are a few HOT items that are hitting the wedding aisle this year that will probably be enough to make you swoon.

Rustic Romance

The rustic style isn't going anywhere. It's been popular for a few years now, but it' still a popular choice among brides going into 2017. You can make your wedding rustic through your rustic wedding venue in Colorado Springs to the decor and even the food. Add a fun country flair to the details and watch your dream day unfold in the best way possible.

Vintage Vantage

The old-timey styles are in, and it's no surprise with the nostalgic beauty that comes from it. There's something so beautiful about adding old-world items to your big day. You can use family heirlooms for your decor, and some brides even go so far as to use their mother or grandmother's dress for an absolutely breathtaking touch.

The Dramatic High

Many brides this year will be opting for styles and designs that are both breathtaking and dramatic. Style and decor will be working its way in a vertical fashion as ceiling decor becomes increasingly popular. Large trees illuminated with lights, chandeliers dripping with crystals, and anything that will leave your guest's jaw on the floor are going to be a hit next year.

Real Romance

Another thing that brides are requesting more and more is the cheesy, heart skipping, romantic touches. Is it cliche? Well, that makes it's perfect! Candlelit ceremonies, flower petals everywhere, and love notes galore are adorning pin boards like none other. Don't be afraid to let your love show as you and your special someone plan your Colorado Springs wedding. There will be heart eyes everywhere for you and your true love.

Whimsical Wonder

If you've ever wanted to do a themed wedding, NOW is the time to do it! From movie-themed weddings to exciting styles like carnival themed - nothing is off limits! If you've always wanted to do a fun theme that seems a little crazy, DO IT!

Planning Your 2018 Wedding

2018 is going to be the best year yet, we can feel it in our hearts! We can't wait to meet all of our beautiful blushing brides, our handsome grooms, and help you plan the wedding of your dreams. If you haven't started the planning process yet, you can't go wrong with starting with your Colorado Springs wedding venue! Visit our website to learn more about our rustic wedding venue in Colorado, as well as our large event center - perfect for a fun party!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

💍Entertaining Bridal Shower Game Ideas💍

As you plan out your big day, some special people in your life are likely planning a day to shower you - the bride. Whether you've asked for a couple's shower or a girls-only day, games are sure to be a part of the celebration. Our Colorado Springs wedding venue provides the ideal backdrop for your big day... AND your bridal shower. While your friends and family are busy planning the perfect shower, we thought we'd help them out by providing some fun game ideas for your bridal shower.

Bridal Bingo

How to Play:
Pass out "Bingo" cards with words that fit with the couple and/or wedding. As you pull names out of a jar and read them aloud, the first person to mark off an entire row of words wins! It's much like traditional bing with a wedding twist!

The Newlywed Game

How to Play:
Have the groom answer questions about the bride. Put the bride on the spot and ask her how the soon-to-be-husband would respond to each question. It's a fun way to get to test the bride's knowledge and have some great laughs! If you have a couple's shower, you can do the same questions for both bride and groom and test their knowledge in front of everyone!

Raid The Purse

How to Play:
The host calls out items that may (or may not) typically be found in a purse. Each item has a certain point value assigned. The guest with the most points at the end wins a prize.

Two Truths & A Lie

How to Play:
Go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves and state 3 experiences they have shared with the bride-to-be or couple (one of which is a lie). The other guests have to choose which "experience" is a lie and the individuals who guess correctly gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end wins!

Movie Charades

How to Play:
Divide the room into two groups. Each team will choose from a stack of notecards with a famous wedding or love story movie. Then members from each team will take turns to act out a scene from the movie, trying to get their team to guess the correct movie.

Couple's Trivia

How to Play:
Write common household tasks or chores on a piece of paper and have each guest guess which spouse completes the task. The person with the most chores right wins!

Now that you've seen a few of the entertaining game ideas for your upcoming bridal shower, you can direct your planners to take a look at our blog too! Games are an integral part of any shower and a great way to bring people together. While everyone is there to honor the bride-to-be, you may as well have a little fun too! If you haven't selected your wedding venue yet, contact The Historic Pinecrest today. We'd be honored to show you around our beautiful wedding venue near Colorado Springs during one of our private tours. We look forward to helping you create the best day possible!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Call or text for a private tour!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Into Wedding Season at The Historic Pinecrest

Fall is officially upon us and that means it's time for fall weddings near Colorado Springs. With a mountain view and rustic wedding venue, The Historic Pinecrest creates the idea backdrop for your special day. Whether you're planning a fall wedding or are recently engaged, our Colorado wedding venue is here for you! To learn a little more how fall decor pairs perfectly with our venue, take a look below.

Incorporate Fall Pieces

Autumn colors are beautiful and pair nicely with our rustic wedding venue. With breathtaking scenes of the mountains outside, the fall scene can be spread throughout your big day. Floral arrangements can be added to your ceremony and reception space to help tie in the season. Think outside the box when it comes to floral arrangements during the fall. A pumpkin, gourd, or acorn arrangement can make a beautiful addition to your wedding day.

Kick up the Natural Elements

Natural elements go perfectly with a fall wedding. Add more natural pieces to your wedding decor to help ramp up the fall feeling on your big day. Take a look around the great outdoors to inspire your wedding day. From pine cones to pumpkins, you can add more pieces that are found in nature to your decor.

Add Fall-Inspired Wardrobes

Fall is a top season for fashion ... why not include autumn fashion into your big day? Whether you want your groomsmen and groom to wear a flannel shirt or pocket square or simply have a fall-inspired boutonniere, you can easily add fall to the men's wardrobe on your big day. As for the ladies, fall bouquets are popular. Flannel shirts can also be added to the girl's wardrobes, as well. Consider your bridesmaids wearing a flannel shirt that matches the wedding decor or tie a shirt around their waists to add additional fall pieces to your big day. Have some fun and show off your personal style when planning your wedding decor.

Now that you've seen some of the fabulous fall wedding decor options to feature at the best wedding venue near Colorado Springs, you're ready to start planning your ideal fall nuptials. To take a look around our venue, you can schedule a private tour with us. We look forward to showing you around our breathtaking wedding venue and showcasing the beauty of the landscape in the autumn months!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Call or text for a private tour!

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Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

Deciding on a wedding cake seems like the easiest part of wedding planning, but it may not be a breeze for all couples. From deciding how much cake will be needed to what style fits you and your wedding best, there may be some moments of indecision and confusion. Our Colorado Springs wedding venue wants to help make the cake a highlight of your wedding plans. Take a look below for some tips to make narrowing down the right cake option for your wedding a breeze!

Cake Tasting

This is the fun part of choosing a wedding cake... right? Meet with your baker to ensure you and your fiance are both fully satisfied with the flavor(s) you choose for your cake. From cake flavors to frosting options, the possibilities are endless and you're sure to find a combination to fit the taste of everyone invited!

Narrow Down a Style

There are a TON of wedding cake styles available. From towering tiers to a cupcake display, now is the time to decide what style of cake works best for your wedding day. Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular for weddings. They are already evenly divided and you can ensure you have enough with an easy calculation.

Know the Numbers

It's important to have a rough estimate of the number of attendees coming to your wedding reception. You don't want anyone to miss out on the beautiful cake you've spent time to pick out and share with your guests! Many bakers will have an easy break down for the size of cake needed for your wedding size.

Consider the Weather

Different cake styles and icing types can be easily influenced by the weather. Be sure to discuss the time of year and temperature estimate with your baker before deciding what option is best for your big day. A hot summer's day can easily melt icing in no time - it's best that you are upfront about the weather possibilities.

Treat the Groom

Another popular feature for weddings is to order a special cake for the groom. This can showcase a favorite sport, drink, or anything that makes him unique. It's a fun way to incorporate his style and taste into your big day, especially if you are handling most of the planning.

Look Into Delivery Options

Discuss delivery options with your baker. It's important that the cake can safely be transported to your venue and easily set up. Also ask your catering company and/or baker about cake cutting and serving. A designated server can help ensure the right size of pieces are being cut and that you have enough cake for all in attendance.

Tips to Cut Back on Cake Costs:

-Use a basic sheet cake for serving while you have an extravagant but smaller wedding cake.
-Steer away from a large amount of tiers, homemade sugar flowers, and specialty cake decorations.
-Garnish the cake yourself with fresh flowers or ribbon.
-Provide a desert table with other treat options to reduce the amount of wedding cake needed.
-Strive for smaller servings to make it last longer, when cutting the cake.

Now that you've seen some of the tips for choosing the perfect wedding cake, you're ready to get started. This is a FUN process and should involve both the bride and groom's personalities. The Historic Pinecrest reminds you that this is YOUR big day! While cake searching can be a fun part of your plans, we think finding the right venue for your big day should be too! We'd love to show you around our rustic wedding venue near Colorado Springs at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule a private showing of our property - we can even help you decide where your beautiful wedding cake can be placed in our reception hall!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Call or text for a private tour!

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Tips for a Cocktail Hour Your Guests will Actually Enjoy!

Are you planning a cocktail hour between your wedding ceremony and reception? While many people enjoy this type of event, there are a few ways they can go wrong. Our wedding venue near Colorado Springs is here to help! Below The Historic Pinecrest has provided some helpful tips on how to host a successful cocktail hour.

Provide Adequate Space

You don't want to cramp all of your guests in a small space that makes them uncomfortable. If you are going to schedule a cocktail hour, ensure there is adequate space for this type of activity.

Strive for Seating and Standing Space

While the majority of people will stand and mingle with other guests, some may prefer to sit while they wait for the reception to start. Strive to provide both standing room and seating options during a cocktail hour.

Set the Mood with Music

Although many of your guests will chat with others, it is nice to provide a little background music during this time. It's recommended to have smooth and soft music to accommodate for easy conversation, should your guests prefer to visit with one another.

Offer a Signature Cocktail

A fun way to incorporate your favorite drink is to offer a signature cocktail during a cocktail hour. Whether it's the bride and groom's drink of choice or a fun new drink that fits your wedding theme, try to spice it up a bit with a signature drink.

Provide Non-Alcoholic Options

Not everyone is into drinking alcoholic beverages and it's best to provide non-alcoholic options during a cocktail hour, as well. Especially if your guests will be bringing children to your wedding, try to incorporate water, juice, or lemonade options too.

Don't Forget About the Food

Depending on the time of cocktail hour, it is nice to provide a few appetizer type food items for your guests to enjoy. This can help give them a little something to munch on before a full meal is served during the reception.

Keep it to an Hour

You don't want to keep your guests waiting too long. An hour (at the max) is recommended for cocktail time. After that, people start to get antsy and want to start celebrating the newlyweds at the wedding reception.

Offer Entertainment

Consider keeping your guests busy during this time of the wedding. From signing of the guest book to lawn games, there are a number of activities you can offer your guests to participate in. Kids especially love little games to keep them busy (and their parents will too!).

After you've read these helpful tips, you're ready to finish planning our your wedding day at The Historic Pinecrest. Our event center is the ideal place for a cocktail hour. We have a large deck offering breathtaking views and the perfect spot for your guests to mingle and visit, while you enjoy your first minutes as husband and wife! If you'd like to see our Colorado Springs wedding venue for yourself, please schedule a private tour today. We look forward to showing you around our stunning venue!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

106 Pinecrest Way
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

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