Thursday, April 28, 2016

Last Minute Graduation Party Planning Tips!

You thought you had months, and next thing you know, your baby is graduating, and you have to plan the party ASAP. Never fear, because Historic Pinecrest is here! At Historic Pinecrest, we can help you host wonderful events, from weddings to graduations, and our Colorado Springs event center is perfect for any number of guests. With a few easy steps and tips, you can put together a wonderful celebration that will look like it took months, and you can celebrate your child's big accomplishments.

Plan Your Menu

If you're in a crunch, save yourself some time and outsource the food for your event, and outsource as much as possible. From the appetizers to the cake, find some wonderful vendors in the area and find out if they will have time to put something together before your event. Sometimes, we feel pressured to throw an event that is "Pinterest worthy," but really, the whole event is about celebrating the new stage of life that your child is entering, and no one will notice if you didn't slave over the custom graduation cap appetizers.

Choose an Event Venue

If you are wanting to save yourself some added stress, you can find a venue to host your event so that you won't have to get your home "company clean." At Historic Pinecrest, we have a large event center, as well as a smaller lodge where you can gather with close friends and family to celebrate this great time of your child's life. If you wait too long, you may have to be flexible on the date and time of your event, but your best bet will be choosing an evening in the middle of the week. Fewer events are scheduled at this time, so you won't have as much competition.

Get Party Decorations

This step doesn't have to be intimidating. Choose one large statement piece, and then fill in with items of interest. You can use a large photo of your child, you can use a map with a pin in the place where they'll be attending college or even a large collage of photos of them throughout the year. You can fill in with easy pieces that you can pick up at your local party planning store, like tassels, caps, 2016 paraphernalia, and even awards and photos from your child's high school career.

Grab Some Fun Games

Every party needs some fun entertainment! If you have any of your child's favorite board or card games you can spread those around the area so that people can sit down and enjoy themselves. If it's going to be a beautiful day, you can put some fun outdoor games on our porch, or around the grass. Think of games like the bean bag toss game, giant Jenga, or even Twister!

Take the Stress Away with the Best Event Venue in Colorado Springs

At Historic Pinecrest, we realize how busy life can get, and before you know it you need you throw a fun graduation bash. Our Colorado Springs venue is perfect for any size gathering, and we look forward to helping you and your family gather together over such a fun celebration! Give us a call at 719-357-8613 today to learn what dates you can schedule your Colorado Springs graduation party.

A Beautiful PartyAwaits...

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Bouquet Styles You Can Carry On Your Wedding Day

Flowers are beautiful, colorful, fragrant, and can even communicate words of love and devotion. Brides have been carrying bouquets of fragrant flowers since at least the 15th century, if not longer. Not only does a busy bride have to choose what types of flowers to put inside her bouquet, but you also need to decide which bouquet style will go best with your flowers and style. Before you get married at the best wedding venue in Colorado Springs, take a look at this list of bouquet styles, and see if you can find one that suits your wedding the best.


This simple, elegant, and traditional style can be designed as a tight cluster for density or loosely for an airy feel. It works well with all wedding and dress styles, so if you don't know what to choose, you can't go wrong with a round style. The flowers you select will influence the formality of your bouquet, so you'll want to discuss this with your florist first.


This is also known as the "arm sheath" bouquet because the long stemmed flowers and foliage are cradled in your arm. This style can be as modest or elaborately designed as you would like. This can be a beautifully stunning alternative if you'll be having a more modern wedding. Popular floral choices include calla lilies, gladiolus, orchids, long-stemmed roses, delphiniums, and larkspur.


The late Princess Diana carried this style as her impressive and beautiful bouquet. It can also be referred to as a "shower bouquet." It is the most formal and traditional style a bride can choose, it's designed to spill gracefully over the bride's hands as it flows downward for a very sophisticated look.


This bouquet features a compact cluster of flowers, where the stems are wrapped tightly, often with organza or satin ribbon, and cut to one uniform length. These bouquets also traditionally have more greenery than others. It can be a very trendy style for brides, and is also popular for bridesmaids in a smaller arrangement.


A small and round bouquet that can easily be held in one hand. This bouquet is often chosen because you can display a wider variety of flower types, with rich color and interest. It can be constructed loosely with coordinating ribbon and an embellished trim. Roses, gerberas, peonies, tulips, and ranunculus are all beautiful options for this style.


Also referred to as the "kissing ball" for the "ball" of many blossoms that are suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon. This can create a more interesting way of displaying ordinary or less expensive flowers than a traditional bouquet, and it also a great style for flower girls!

No matter what season you will be celebrating your big day, Historic Pinecrest has a breathtaking view of the Colorado mountains and wonderful staff who can't wait to bring your day about. From small parties to large, we can accommodate you and your guests in our beautiful wedding chapel, event center, or lodge. Are you ready to book the best Colorado Springs wedding venue? Give us a call at 719-357-8613 today to learn which dates are available, and how we can help you create your special day.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Wedding Appetizers That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Amid all of the details that you'll be planning for your wedding, the food can be one of the highlights. As spring starts to show its face, it's fun to plan spring appetizers that will make your mouth water! At Historic Pinecrest, we want to help you create a special day that will go down in history as being your favorite day of your life. Our beautiful Colorado Springs wedding venue is a beautiful place to say "I do," from our breathtaking chapel to our spacious event center. Here are a few fun recipes you can keep in mind as you're planning your spring even menu.

Guac & Chips

This fun appetizer would be easy to create and especially fun for your guests. You also don't have to worry about double dipping! You can find small margarita glasses online, and then put the guacamole in them with a few chips, and ta-da!

Photo Credit: Tracey Buyce Photography

Popcorn Bar

Show your fun side at your wedding, or tell the story of how you met (at a movie theater over spilled popcorn?) with a popcorn bar! Not only are there many different flavors of popcorn, like caramel, butter, or kettle corn, but there are many toppings to choose from! Find cute baskets to display the popcorn, and then use bowls to hold the toppings, and salt shakers for any flavorings that will be shaken over it. Cute, easy, and OH so delicious!

Photo Credit: Andres Valenzuela Photography

Mini Burgers & Beer

Are you looking for a more casual way to separate the ceremony and the reception while you and your wedding party go to take photos? Try mini burgers and beer! They're a great way to keep your guests' blood sugar up while also loosening them up a bit before the party. Talk to your caterer about this cute little appetizer and see if they have some fun ideas to spruce it up.

Photo Credit: Unknown

Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers

Don't these delightful appetizers look refreshing! Try incorporating fresh fruit into your spring wedding menu. A little watermelon, feta, and mint can go a long way in creating something cool and flavorful. You can even consider doing a short appetizer period outdoors when the weather is warm!

Photo Credit: Bites of Bri

To-Go Box Favors

Want to send your guests home with a wedding favor they won't forget? Check out this adorable to-go boxed filled with Coca-Cola, fries, ketchup and even a straw! If you'll be out partying late with your guests, they'll appreciate the thoughtfulness in this favor. If you're all staying at the same venue, like our Pinecrest Lodge, you could arrange to have these already in their room when the get back there!
Photo Credit: A Dash Of Details

Fish Tacos with Margaritas

Imagine this refreshing favorite being served at your wedding before the reception starts! Delicious fish tacos served with cold mini margaritas would be a wonderful way to wet their whistle and satisfy any hunger pangs before the full meal comes out.

Photo Credit: Root Photography

Host the Best Reception in Colorado Springs

Start and end your reception with the "wow factor" that you're desiring by always providing delicious food for your guests. The food is one of the first things your guests will remember, so it's always worth it to splurge a bit on it. Do you still need some ideas to finish your wedding planning details? Our team at the Historic Pinecrest would be honored to help you plan your wedding, and throw a fantastic event. Visit our website today to view our Colorado Springs venue, and then call 719-357-8613 to book your big day!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Friday, April 8, 2016

A Beautiful Mountain Wedding in Our Chapel

Your Colorado Springs mountain wedding awaits when you book your wedding the Historic Pinecrest event center. Our venue is breathtaking in any season, so no matter when you want to say your vows, you will find a beautiful chapel nestled quietly away. We have the perfect, cozy place to invite your closest friends and family to witness your new life with each other. Here are a few benefits to booking your Colorado Springs wedding at Historic Pinecrest.

Colorado Springs Mountain Chapel

When you book your wedding with us, we offer several details that will help make your day even more fantastic. Check out these wonderful inclusions you can have.

  • One hour rehearsal, usually scheduled from 12:30 - 1:30pm, the day prior to your wedding
  • All standing d├ęcor, floral arrangements, and candelabras
  • Parking attendant to greet your guests
  • Bridal dressing room at Chapel with three (3) makeup stations
  • Groomsmen dressing room at Chapel with mirror, table, chairs and couches
  • Elegant entrance table for guest sign-in book or picture matting
  • Digital sound system with mixing board - along with wireless microphones and instrumental inputs (if using a Pinecrest preferred DJ)

Wedding Packages

We have three packages that will assist with your day, to help it go smoothly, and fit your exact needs. 

The Starlight Package

Afternoon/Evening wedding and reception for 100 guests
Tues/Thurs: 1:30 pm - 9:00 pm (4:00 pm or 5:00 pm ceremony) 
Fri - Sun: 2:30 pm - 10:00 pm (4:00 pm or 5:00 pm ceremony)
Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Winter hours (Nov. 1st - March 31 st) 1:30 pm - 9 pm for all days of the week
Recommended for 50 - 225 guests

The Ponderosa Package

Reception Only 5pm - 10pm
Available: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Winter hours (Nov. 1st - March 31 st) 1:30 pm - 9 pm for all days of the week
Recommended for 50 - 225 guests

Pinecrest Chapel
Wedding Only

(Based on availability 60 days out only!)

The Columbine

100 Guests included
Morning or Evening 3 hrs. time slot depending on availability
Available: Tuesday - Sunday

Beautiful Colorado Springs Wedding Venue

There is no greater joy than working with a bride to create a day that is special for her and her entire family. From the first moments, when you call and schedule a time to look at the venue till the moments when you walk out of the chapel, we are here to make sure your day is exceptional. Visit our website, or give us a call at 719-357-8613 to learn more!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are such a valuable part of your wedding day, and you will be looking back at them for years to come. It's important to know the style that you like because that will help you know which photographer's that will be a perfect match for you! When you are looking for a photographer to capture your beautiful Colorado Springs wedding, there are a few questions that your photographer would LOVE for you to ask.

What Are You Worth The Amount You Charge?

Every photographer has set up a specific amount that they feel they are worth, for their time, experience and education. It's important to know exactly why they charge that amount, so you can appreciate why they charge what they do. Plus, your photographer will love to share more about what got them into photography and their passion for it!

Which Light Do You Shoot With?

It's important to know which type of lighting your photographer shoots with because natural or artificial light can make a difference in your photos. Not only can it affect the quality of your photos, but it can also determine how well your photos will turn out if you are having a wedding that has tricky lighting. Be sure to let your photographer know where your getting married, and what types of lighting are there so they can prepare accordingly.

How Do You Back Up Your Files?

It would be heartbreaking to find out that something had happened and all of your photos had been lost due to an unpreventable accident. Ask your photographer how they back up their files, and if they back up them in several different places. This may not seem important now, but it would be important to you later if it were too late and your photos were lost.

What will I Get in My Photo Package?

Ask your photographer what exactly comes in your wedding photo package. How many hours will they spend with you on your wedding day, how many photos do they offer, and if they will provide a high definition DVD of your photos are just a few of the details you'll want to know about.

How Do You Help Us To Feel Relaxed?

The personality of your photographer will greatly influence the quality of your photos in the end. If they have a fun personality, and can easily make you laugh, it will make it easier to create fun, cheerful or energetic photos of your special day. Does your photographer have special techniques to make you and your spouse feel more comfortable? These are good to know in advance!

What Happens If you Get Sick On Our Day?

This is probably not very common, but unfortunately, sometimes everything can't be planned. Ask your photographer if they have a backup plan in case they get sick. Will they use a second shooter? Will they hire someone else to come in? This will help you know what to expect should this come about on your big day.

What Would You Like For Dinner?

Finally, don't forget about your vendors when it comes to the meal. Make sure they know that they are welcome to grab a bit to eat through the night, and if you need to know what they prefer, don't forget to ask.

Romantic Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

The Historic Pinecrest is a beautiful place to come and celebrate your wedding day. From our romantic chapel in the mountains to our spacious event center, all of our venues are perfectly situated for you and your guests to enjoy this special evening. If you're ready to book your wedding at the best Colorado Springs chapel, give us a call today at 719-357-8613!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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