Thursday, January 28, 2016

7 Tips to Host an Amazing Quinceanera

Quinceanera celebrations mark the time that a Hispanic girl becomes a woman. This important event has many cultural and religious symbolisms included throughout the ceremony and reception. In recent years, it has been merged with American culture for some families, and instead of celebrating it on the fifteenth (quince) birthday, some combine it with a sweet sixteen party. There are a lot of details to be planned out for this large celebration, and we have a few tips to help make it easier.

Set the Date

If you're following tradition, the event will be held on the girl's 15th birthday, or the Saturday closest to it. One custom is to have a mariachi band serenade the birthday girl outside of her house the night before her 15th birthday. In many cases, this event is planned one year in advance to make sure you can secure all of the vendors for the big day.

Plan the Budget

Like any event, it's important to know how much you want to spend before you start looking for vendors and planning the details. Sometimes, family members will sponsor specific details of the event, like the quinceanera dress, flowers, food, etc. Here is a quick formula to give you an idea of how much to budget for each aspect of the event:

Reception/Catering - 52%
Invitations - 3%
Dress & Accessories - 5%
Flowers - 5%
Music, live band, DJ -5-18%
Miscellaneous 5-10%

Select Your Court of Honor

The court of honor are the people who the Quinceanera chooses to be by her side through the celebration. This can be made up of  cousins and other family members, or very close friends. The court is composed of men and women, and they will generally wear fancy dresses and tuxedos.

Reserve the Perfect Colorado Springs Venue

As you go through the planning process, one of the most important details is to secure a venue. At the Historic Pinecrest, we have a beautiful Colorado mountain chapel that would be the perfect location for your quinceanera ceremony. We also have an event center that would be ideal for the reception or a ceremony/reception combo. There is a stage at the front of the event center where the ceremony can be performed, and a large dance floor where you can arrange tables and chairs for dining. The floors are hardwood, and will be ideal for the special dance program that you'll find is common in many quinceanera celebrations.

Create a Guest List

Your guest list should be composed of people who have been by your side through your formative growing up years. It can include immediate and distant relatives, friends, neighbors, church family, teachers, etc. Be sure to get the invitations sent out a few weeks in advance to help ensure that they can keep the date open for your celebration.

Work Out the Details

There are many details to be arranged when planning your quinceanera. You'll need to talk with a priest and make sure that he has that date available. You'll also need to choose your dress and accessories. For the ceremony, many families choose to have the priest bless special gifts (generally a tiara, cross, bible, and scepter), and the mother places the tiara on her daughter's head. There can also be a shoe change ceremony, where the father will change the Quinceanera's flat shoes for high heels. These are all details that you'll want to plan in advance.

Plan the Reception

This is the fun part of the evening where everyone gets to celebrate this coming of age. Generally, the court will be presented, and then the Quinceanera. There are special dances that can be reserved as well. Many times a waltz is danced with the Quinceanera and her father, then the court of honor joins them on the dance floor, followed by the Godparents. Then the rest of the guests are welcome to dance as well, and many people may take turns dancing with the Quinceanera. Finally, the toast is given and the cake is served.

Events at the Historic Pinecrest

From quinceaneras to weddings, and family reunions to company meetings, there are many wonderful events held at Historic Pinecrest, and we're excited to see what 2016 will hold. From small gatherings of 50 people to large events with 225 guests, we have the facility and accommodations to provide a good time for all. Give us a call today at 719-357-8613 to book your Colorado Springs event!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tips on How to Approach Your Wedding Guest List

As a newly engaged couple, one of the first planning details you may tackle together will be the guest list. You both sit down and make your plans for a small, intimate wedding, with no children and only plus one's if they've been together over a year. Next thing you know, your mother says that it's absolutely crucial to invite your third cousin twice removed and her three kids under ten. How are you supposed to handle these situations, and what is appropriate? Here are a few ways you can consider approaching those taboo questions when you are planning your beautiful Colorado wedding.

Start at the Beginning

Look at your budget, and realistically plan for the number of people that you can invite. There can be many factors in the number you choose for your wedding, from the size of the venue to the cost of the reception. Either way, it's important to set the number in advance, otherwise, it will be easier to make exceptions later on.

The Guest List

An easy way to create the guest list is by creating four lists: A, B, C, D. The A list will be the people you can't imagine getting married without - immediate family and your closest friends. The B list will be your aunts, uncles, cousins, high school friends you still stay in touch with, etc. Your "C" list is reserved for co-workers, your parents friends, and neighbors that you've known forever. Finally, the "D" list will be distant cousins, old friends you may have lost contact with, and your parents friends from church. As you start to hit the total number of guests, start removing the names from the "D" list.

Parental Requests

Many a bride has had her parents or future in-laws come to her asking if they could invite old friends or distant family. While it's always best to go with your gut, if you don't feel that they should be at the wedding there are several ways you can carefully say so. You can make it clear early on that you are going to be select about the people being invited to the wedding. Depending on who is funding the wedding, you may want to split the list in half or thirds - this can help your family see the total number they can invite for their side of the family. You can also reassure your mom that you'll invite her special bridge club friend after you've had a specific number of people RSVP that they can't attend.

"And Guest"

You are not required to put "and guest" on anyone's invitation, but in some cases, it's better to do so than not. If you know the couple has been together for a significant amount of time, it's appropriate to invite them both. If someone RSVP's to your wedding with a name that was not on your guest list, don't be afraid to let them know that you are trying to keep it small and cannot extend an invitation to their guest. In many cases, your guests may be relieved that they don't have to go find a "guest" to bring with them. If you have many single friends, it may be a good chance to seat them next to each other and see if one wedding really does bring on another!

Kid Friendly...or Not

While our Colorado wedding venue is great for weddings with or without kids, the decision is up to you. Whether you want absolutely no children, limited, or the whole family, be specific about your requests. If you do not want children at your wedding, don't list them on the invite. This should convey easily that it's kid free event. If you're okay with them coming you can either list their names or put "and family" on the invite so there will be no doubt that you're okay with it. Also, remember that adult children get their own invite, especially if they live on their own.

Friends from the Office

If you have a small office with only a few co-workers, it's best to invite them all and not choose 1 out of 5 to invite. If you work in a large corporation, you can probably get by with not inviting anyone or only the close co-workers that you work with on a daily basis. Use your best judgment and don't stress over it too much.

Best Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

When in doubt about your guest list, err on the side of inclusion. Like they say - the more the merrier! Weddings at Historic Pinecrest are not only breathtaking but incredibly fun. We have three different venues for you to choose from, depending on your event and your needs. Whether you want to have a beautiful wedding in our mountain chapel, or you're planning a small weekend getaway with only your closest family and friends in our lodge - your wedding will be spectacular. Contact us today to see if your wedding date is available and get it on our calendar!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Plan the PERFECT Wedding Menu

There are many details about your wedding that your guests will remember. From the beautiful colors and dresses to the fun music at the reception. One thing I think we can all agree on, though, is that guests will remember the food you serve. You can splurge and create a 5-course menu with steak and lobster, or you can make it more casual with your favorite finger foods. No matter what your menu preference, here are a few tips that will make your Colorado Springs wedding reception perfect!

Nail Down a Budget

While you may want to get to the exciting part first and start planning the menu, starting with the budget is pretty important. Every decision you make will impact the total cost of your wedding, from the style of serving, to the number of guests, appetizers, cocktail hour, and more. Determine ahead of time what you can afford, and work within the boundaries to create a delicious menu.

Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

As the hostess of your wedding, it's important to consider any dietary needs of your guests. You don't need to plan your entire meal around the few people who may be allergic to shellfish or gluten. Yet you can make alterations to the menu and talk to your caterer about having a few plates that are compliant to their needs. You can ask your guests to RSVP with any dietary needs so that you know ahead of time and aren't surprised the day of.

Select a Style

By selecting a dining style, you can make the event more fun for everyone. If you choose a delicious dinner, and you want it to be the focus of the night, you may want to opt for a sit-down meal. If you know that your friends and family will be itching to hit the dance floor, and the DJ is your main focus at the event, you could choose appetizers and finger foods. By choosing the style of your reception, you can make the menu even easier to nail down.

Add Your Personal Touch

Tell your love story through food! You can make this aspect memorable to everyone when you serve the latte that you ordered on your first date or the scones that he 'tried' to make for your birthday. If you and your fiancĂ© always drink specific soft drinks, you can serve them or toast your marriage with them! Get creative and use the menu to show the unique side of your relationship.

Use Local and Seasonal Items

You can rely on your caterer to help you select items for your menu that are not only easy for to obtain during that time of year, but also the location of your event. While a bright garden salad may be delicious, it could be hard to find the freshest ingredients in the middle of winter. You could go an easier route for the season by choosing a pasta dish, or a savory soup.

Create a Presentation

Choose a caterer who is just as concerned about the taste as the appearance of the meal. If you are getting married in the fall, and will be serving a pumpkin soup, you can make tureens out of hollowed out pumpkins! If you'll be serving coconut shrimp, you can garnish it with a tropical flower. If your Colorado wedding is rustic, you can use small tree stumps to display platters of delicious desserts or appetizers.

Be Generous

If you've worked this hard on planning a delicious menu, don't skimp on the portions. Your guests have been generous in their giving gifts for your marriage, and they may have traveled a long way to share this day with you. Thank them by providing plenty of delicious food to enjoy.

Colorado Springs Reception Venue

While you are busy planning every detail of your reception, don't forget to book the best event venue in Colorado Springs! Our team is available to you throughout the entire planning process to answer your questions and help make your day amazing. Call or text 719-357-8613 today to get more information and find out if your wedding date is available!

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wedding Colors for Spring 2016

Your wedding palette will be one of the first decisions you make about your big day. The colors you select will also set the stage for the style that you want to achieve at your wedding. Pastel pinks, greens, and yellows, give your wedding a romantic airy feel. Bright jewel tones can are bold and fun. Earthy tones are rustic and warm. While we want you choose the colors you love, sometimes it can be hard to decide what color pairs go well together. Patone® released their projected colors for Spring/Summer weddings, and we think any of them would look beautiful at Historic Pinecrest!

Rose Quartz

This shade is a beautiful combination of a pastel color that still has a bright pop of color. It is a beautiful focal color, but could also make a stunning accent color. Whether your bridesmaids wear it, or your bouquet has pops of Rose Quartz mixed in, it would make a beautiful addition to your wedding.

Peach Echo

Peach Echo is fun and exciting. It pairs beautifully with Limpet Shell if you're creating a rustic country themed wedding that still has a classic romance. This color would be beautiful on your bridesmaids while still looking handsome on the groomsmen.


A calm blue/purple color is ideal when you are trying to achieve a romantic feel. There are many flowers you can use to incorporate this color into your wedding, and it pairs nicely with many other colors. Rose Quartz and Serenity are a beautiful combination, and look very similar to a beautiful sunset.

Snorkel Blue

The name may imply that this color is beachy, but it can be used in many different themes. It pairs well with Buttercup for an exciting palette, but would also be perfect for an early July wedding when paired with Fiesta red. It would be a nice base color that can pair many different colors, but also stands beautifully on its own.


This color is striking when alone or paired with other colors. It makes a fun accent to any Spring or Summer wedding with its bright appearance, yet demure shade. You can use this color in many different capacities and pair it with many different colors for an entirely different feel.

Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell is a great choice because it's bright and still calming. This color looks good on many skin tones, so it's a nice option for bridal party dresses. You can also include this color in your centerpieces and bouquets for a nice pop of color.

Lilac Gray

Romantic, mature, and even a bit royal are a few of the words that come to mind when you see this color. It's a beautiful color for Spring, and it is an eye-catching shade of purple. You can pair this color with Peach Echo if you want to add something bold to your color combo, or your can pair with Limpet Shell to still keep the colors low-key.


It's bold, exciting and exuberant, and is a fun touch to add to your color scheme. If you pair this color with a calmer shade like Snorkel Blue, the bridesmaids can wear blue dresses and Fiesta flowers in their hair for a fun accent. This shade may also be fun to combine with Buttercup. While both colors are bold, they complement each other well for an exciting event.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a neutral shade, and is a perfect base color. It can be combined with many different colors to create unique styles. Pair it with Peach Echo and Limpet Shell to capture a rustic and romantic day, or pair it with Snorkel Blue to create a beachy theme.

Green Flash

Green Flash is very bold and fun, and will pair beautifully with our Colorado scenery. You can let this color stand on its own because it will contrast beautifully with your white dress, or pair it with another color to show it off.

Getting Married in Colorado Springs

No matter what colors you use for your wedding, our chapel and event center will complement them all. Spring and Summer weddings are naturally fresh and romantic, so no matter what colors you choose, you'll find that they blossom at our event center.Regardless of whether you're planning an elopement or an event for 225, Historic Pinecrest is an ideal location for intimate Colorado wedding ceremonies and receptions. There are so many reasons why Pinecrest is the perfect choice for your wedding. Give us a call today and book your Spring wedding in Colorado Springs!

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