Friday, February 26, 2016

Wedding Dress Styles That Will Flatter YOU!

Every bride wants to feel unique and beautiful on her wedding day. The wedding dress you choose is just one way you can express your creativity through this celebration. From the very moment you say "I Do," through the moments where you select the best Colorado wedding venue and the way you'll say your vows, you'll be making plenty of decisions.

We wanted to help make the planning process a little easier with a quick guide to choosing a gown that flatters you in every way! From top to bottom, we want you to feel beautiful, here are a few common details of a wedding dress, and how you can tell with shape is perfect for you.


Ballgown - This style is perfect for almost every shape, though if you are petite you may opt for something more simplistic.
A-Line - An a-line silhouette is one of the most popular styles, and can positively impact anyone's shape.
Sheath - A Sheath style gown is ideal for petite and slender body types. It can also make a small frame appear taller.
Mermaid/Trumpet - This style can be used on many different body shapes. You can use simplistic versions to accent petite frames, and rounder accents to draw attention to hour glass figures.


Scoop Neck - This neckline has a deep U shape, and can be flattering on many different shapes.
V-Neck - If you are small chested, a v-neck will help accent your shape. It can also be a very elegant style if you are large chested as well.
Sweetheart - This neckline is another wonderful option for large chested girls.
Illusion - Illusion necklines are a stylish and unique way to incorporate specific necklines, while also still keeping covered, or not sacrificing support.
Bateau - This is a unique neckline that is high and wide. It has the elegance of an off the should style, but it also comes up to the collar bone or higher.
Square - This can be a beautiful style if you have a round face. It will perfectly accent your face, and be a unique neckline.
Straight Across - You will see this neckline most commonly in strapless dresses. It can be a favored option if you have wide shoulders, but can be a stylish option for almost anyone.
Queen Anne - This regal cut is a unique option that we believe will pick up in popularity. It has a high collar in the back and a dipped neckline, most likely scoop or v-neck.


Strapless - This style picked up in popularity in the late 90's and it is still going strong because it looks good on generally every body style.
Long - Long sleeves can be a beautiful option when you are marrying in a climate that may be colder or if you get married in the winter months. They are flattering on all body shapes, and can also cover your arms if you aren't comfortable showing them off.
Short - While short sleeves aren't a popular option for many brides, they are a unique option that deserves some recognition. Especially when done in a lace or flowing option, they can be very elegant.
Off the Shoulder - This style is a classic option, with the sleeves reaching off the shoulder.
Spaghetti Strap - Spaghetti strap was especially popular in the 90's, but it has been re-imagined, with many beautiful styles and textures.
Sleeveless - Like the strapless, this style doesn't have a sleeve, but it does have straps. They could be wide straps or thin straps, all depending on your personal style.
Three Quarter Sleeve - This style has been featured on many bridal gowns, and we think it would be flattering for many different shapes and sizes. It would be an elegant fashion statement in the spring, especially when done in lace.


Knee Length - This style is a classic style for a bride who doesn't want to fit the typical trends. It can also be a style that you use for your reception dress.
Tea Length - Tea Length dresses have a vintage feel to them, and are elegant and fine. They are ideal on petite frames, as well as taller body types.
Floor Length - Floor length is one of the most popular styles that you will in a wedding. The timeless beauty that it exudes makes it a perfect option for any body style.

Best Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

We realize that every detail of your wedding is valuable and important, from the wedding dress style that you choose to the Colorado wedding venue. At Historic Pinecrest, we would be honored to take your dreams and help make them a reality. From beginning to end, your wedding can be a special and memorable day, and we'd love help you get there. Call or text 719-357-8613 for a private tour, and to secure your special day TODAY!

A Beautiful Colorado Wedding Awaits...

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Your handsome fiance has officially popped the question, and now you have a sparkling rock on your finger, what do you do now? There are a few steps you'll want to take initially, and then a few regular appointments you need to schedule to keep your ring in pristine condition. Here are a few tips to help make it easier for you!

Get Insurance

While this many not be high on your priority list, it needs to be. You can get insurance through your homeowners or renters insurance, and it has to be filed through the bride's name since she'll be wearing it. It's not hard to do if you already have renters insurance and if you don't currently have it, it's always a good idea to have it.

Keep It Clean

Apparently Elizabeth Taylor told Lucie Arnez (Lucille Ball's daughter) to clean her ring with toothpaste because it really made it shine when she first got engaged. While we don't recommend testing out home cleaning methods on your diamonds, we do suggest that you have them cleaned on a regular basis to improve their sparkle! You'll have many people wanting to admire and examine your ring, keep it clean so it's always looking it's best!

Don't Take It Off in Public

While you may be wary of washing your hands with your ring on, there is always a chance you could accidentally forget it somewhere. So instead of setting it on the counter, opt for keeping it on your finger where it's safe. If your ring is loose, and you're afraid it will go down a drain, you can always get a ring sizer to help make up for the difference before you get it permanently adjusted.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

While it's always important to keep up routine maintenance, if you have any type of warranty on the ring through your dealer, it might be required. Some companies require that you get the prongs tested every six months to make sure the diamond is always safe and that you won't be at risk of losing it. Just be sure to check with your jeweler and see if they have these rules so you can operate within them.

Beware of Chemicals and Wear & Tear

If you'll be working with harsh chemicals it's always a good idea to put your ring in a safe place until afterwards. Same goes for any extreme wear and tear if you'll be working with any equipment or materials that could be damaging to the diamond or the finish on your ring. While diamonds are extremely hard, they aren't without weakness. Take care of your rock, and be careful not to hit it on hard surfaces.

Best Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

Now that you're engaged, there will be some big decisions that you and your fiance will be making. One of the bigger choices is where you'll be hosting your big day! At Historic Pinecrest, we have all of the amenities you need to host an amazing and memorable event. Our Colorado mountain chapel is surrounded by natural beauty, and our event center is set up for a night of celebrating. Give us a call at 719-357-8613 today and make sure that your date is secured before it's gone.

A Beautiful Colorado Wedding Awaits...

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stylish Wedding Trends for 2016

This year, weddings will be as romantic as ever while also featuring natural elements, soft fabrics, and a continuation of the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend. At the Historic Pinecrest, we like to stay on top of wedding ideas to help you plan your big day and make your Colorado wedding perfect. Here’s what we expect will be some beautiful trends in 2016.

Desserts That Take the Cake!

Gone are the days where you have to serve cake at your wedding. Though there are many creative flavors and styles for wedding cakes, many brides are opting for something a little more creative and unique. From donut pyramids to ice cream buffets, pies, and even macaroon towers, the options are endless.

Effortless Beauty

Many brides in the past have spent a lot of time getting ready, with perfect hair styles, detailed make-up and more. Today's brides are creating a sophisticated, natural and classic beauty for their wedding day. Classic up do's and simple colors are an elegant way to style your wedding.

Wedding Brunch

Evening weddings hold a special romance, but morning weddings are bringing a fresh appeal that haven't been as common in the wedding world. Imagine a romantic wedding brunch surrounded by all of your special loved ones, enjoying a customized waffle bar, with the beautiful morning sun shining through the trees, and a fresh mountain breeze blowing by. If you haven't set a time for your wedding, a morning brunch could be perfect for you!

Woodland Theme

From actually getting married in the woods to bringing the woods indoors through floral arrangements, "au naturel" is a very popular style. When you want to choose a Colorado wedding venue that inspires a romantic, woodsy theme, Historic Pinecrest is a perfect setting. Our beautiful mountain chapel is surrounded by nature and majestic beauty.

Rose Gold Jewelry

Many women either prefer Gold or Silver, but a nice blend between the two is what is known as “Rose Gold”. It has a soft romantic feel and complements many different skin tones. While bold yellow gold or bright silver can be a very dramatic contrast on many skin tones, rose gold tends to pull out the rose and pinkish hues, making it a wonderful choice for your wedding day!

Adventure Weddings

A popular trend that we may see more in the future, and throughout 2016 are adventure weddings. Couples are opting for not only beautiful settings but a wedding that may be a "challenge" to get to. While the wedding adventure is dependent on the couple, they can vary between scuba weddings, ski slope weddings, airplane cockpit nuptials, and even wakeboarding weddings! These adventures may not be conducive to having lots of guests attend, but they could certainly be a bold way to express yourselves!

MisMatched Bridesmaids

We've seen this trend through 2015, but it's not going anywhere for 2016! In fact, bridesmaids may be even more mismatched than ever. Many brides let their bridesmaids choose their own dress style, but still stick to a specific color. This year you may find that bridesmaids are getting to not only choose the styles, but also the color that they wear! This makes it easier than ever to wear the dress again long after the wedding day, and choose a dress that looks great on you.

Create a Wonderful Wedding In Colorado Springs

At Historic Pinecrest, we want to help you make your special day amazing from start to finish. No matter what trends you follow or trends you create, our beautiful venue is picture perfect. From our breathtaking mountain chapel to our large event center where you can dance the night away with your friends and family, we have a perfect wedding venue for you to celebrate in. Book your wedding today to begin your adventure of a lifetime!

A Beautiful Colorado Wedding Awaits...

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Unique Wedding Customs Around the World

American weddings are sometimes a combination of different customs from around the world, because we have the most flexible traditions. An American bride can decide to write her own vows, or recite traditional ones, or she can choose to wear a white dress or any other color. Many cultures have symbolic customs that are important and less flexible. Here are a few interesting wedding customs that can be seen around the world!


The night before the wedding, the women on the bride's side of the family practice a celebration called Mehndi. Intricate and artistic henna designs are applied to the hands and feet of the bride and other women in the family. On the big day, the bride and groom exchange flower garlands, and put them around each other's necks to show that the bride has accepted the groom as her husband.


An Orthodox Jewish wedding cannot be held on the Sabbath (Saturday) or many other religious holidays. The wedding invitations that are sent out can be two-sided, which one side in English and the other in Hebrew. On the day of the ceremony, the couple will stand under the Chuppa, a canopy meant to provide sanctuary from evil spirits. The groom will also stomp a glass wrapped in cloth to symbolize the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Every aspect of a Jewish wedding is immersed in tradition and symbolism, and can be a very meaningful event to attend.


Japanese weddings incorporate many symbolic traditions and include the couple's parents in many of the rituals. The tradition called "san-san-kudo" is an old tradition, and can have many variations, but couples and their parents each take three sips from each of the three sake cups. The first three represent three couples, the second three represent three human flaws: hatred, passion and ignorance. The third represents "kudo", "ku" meaning nine, which is a lucky number, and "do" means deliverance from the three flaws. The bride has many costume changes throughout a wedding ceremony as well.


In some German cultures, when a little girl is born, the family plants four trees. When she grows up and gets engaged, the trees are sold and money can be used for her dowry. There are three parts to a marriage ceremony, the first is the civil ceremony at the city hall. The next night there is a party thrown, and many people bring dishes to break, believing it to be good luck. The third day is the religious ceremony, and the bride and flower girl walk down the aisle.


Traditionally, a Welsh bride carries a bouquet of myrtle leaves, which signifies love in life. She then gives her bridesmaids a cutting to plant and if it blossoms, the girl will soon marry. Welsh brides also believe that it is lucky to be woken by birdsong on the morning of their wedding. Another fun custom, is when the bride's family kidnaps her on the wedding day, just before the ceremony. The groom and his family follow to look for her, and whoever finds her will be the next to get married.

Beautiful Weddings in Colorado Springs

No matter what traditions and symbolic ceremonies you choose to have in your wedding, it will look beautiful at the Historic Pinecrest. Our beautiful Colorado Springs venue features a breathtaking moutain chapel, and a large event center that will be perfect for your wedding reception. We would love to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams! Give us a call or text us at 719-357-8613 today to see if your date is available!

A Beautiful Colorado Wedding Awaits...

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