Thursday, June 30, 2016

Red, White & Blue Details for Your Wedding!

There's something especially creative about a themed wedding, and Fourth of July weddings are no different! At the Historic Pinecrest, we love to see all of the creative ideas each of our brides have for their Colorado Springs wedding, and we know that yours will be no different. If you're planning your wedding around the star-spangled holiday, there are a few fun details you can incorporate to make it fun for your guests and for you too!

Photo Credit
Left: Todoba
Right: Midwest Bride


There are some really cute ideas that you can take advantage of when doing photography for a Fourth of July wedding. From cute socks for the groomsmen to photos with sparklers, the ideas are endless. This is the ideal time to start having fun with your photos and find a photographer who can reflect the fun atmosphere. Are you still looking for a photographer for your wedding? Let us know! We have a list of wonderful photographers in the area that we have personally worked with and will do an excellent job for you.

Photo Credit
Left: The Knot
Right: Princess Pinky Girl


You are never stuck with just one option when it comes to cake, no matter what theme you choose for your wedding. When you go with a fourth of July theme, you can get creative and do fresh fruit on your wedding cake, or even cake pops! If you're going for the romantic country theme, you may want to do homemade pies like blueberry and strawberry to stick with your red white and blue theme. 

Photo Credit
Left: Creative Itch
Right: Etsy Product


The options are endless when it comes to cute decor for your Fourth of July wedding. You can create cute signs to guide people to the different areas of your wedding, like the food, drinks, parking, lawn games, and even fireworks if that's something you'll be doing! If you're going for a county fair type theme you can make cute banners out of doilies, spray paint, and modge podge.

Photo Credit
Left: Engaged & Inspired
Right: Bride POP Mississippi

Bridal Party

If you don't know how you want to dress your bridal party, you can do some really fun things with the color scheme. From the girls wearing red dresses and carrying blue and white bouquets, to blue dresses and red bouquets and even alternating between blue and red dresses down the line there are some great options. The guys can sport attractive navy colored suits with crisp white shirts and red ties, or even white suits with red shirts and blue and white striped ties. The creativity is endless when it comes to dressing everyone in the wedding party!

Photo Credit
Left: Favors & Flowers
Right: Too Much Time

Fun Details

Do you want to leave your reception to the tune of the star spangled banner with and arch of sparklers? That's definitely doable when you get married around the Fourth of July holiday! If you're planning a cute country themed wedding by wrapping the silverware in red, white and blue bandanas. They'll even have their own napkins now! If you don't know what to do with all of those bandanas after the wedding, you can always have someone turn them into a fun memorial quilt from your wedding. Better yet, have everyone sign their napkin and it can be your guest book too!

You can be tried and true in your red, white and blue wedding, and we can't wait to be apart of it! The Historic Pinecrest has been making memories with our beautiful wedding venue. It's nestled quietly in the beautiful Colorado mountains, and it's the ideal place for a romantic wedding venue in Colorado Springs. If you're ready to reserve your wedding, give us a call at 719-357-8613 today!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ideal Vendors For Your Colorado Springs Wedding

At Historic Pinecrest, we know that there are so many details that go into planning a wedding, and that's why we try to make it as easy as possible on your and your soon-to-be-spouse. With all of the flowers, food, wedding cake, photos, music and more, one bride just can't plan it all. Thankfully for you, we've been the best place to get married in Colorado Springs for years, and we know of some excellent vendors that will do a fantastic job for you!

Preferred Vendors


Jerrod Ornelas

Jo Ellen Reasor


Nikki McDonald



Day of Wedding Planners

Lisa Austin

Erika Wong


Rob Gillen

Justin Charland



Dynamic Range Photography
Justin Jindra

Photography Dunrite
Charlie Dunn

Recommended Vendors


Johan Hair Studios719-487-9845

Stellar Styles

The Vanity Box

Cakes and Desserts


Amanda Adam

Chair Covers and Linens

Elegant Additions
Leslie Beers - 719-339-3219

Nikki McDonald - 719-481-3307




Horse & Carriage

Spruce Hill Ranch



Kristin or Susan - 719-594-4447


Rev. Kirk Fowler

Pastor Terry Sims

Rev. Calvin Wulf

Photo Booth



Brunos Party Time Rentals



Traveling Massage Therapist

Erika Wong, LMT

The Best Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

Your special day is meant to be just that - special. We can't wait to help you iron out the details and create an event that is perfect for the history books. If you haven't booked your wedding date with us, don't wait any longer because it fills up fast around here. If you have booked your date with us, we would like to invite you to be apart of our Bridal Open House on June 29th. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet with some of our vendors and see what your decorations will look like in our reception area and Colorado mountain chapel.

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Formal Eating Freak-Out

You've gotten dressed for this big fancy wedding, you made it on time, you haven't tripped over your dress or shoes, and now it's time for the reception. Have you ever sat down at a reception dinner only to realize that they are eating a formal meal, and there are WAY more forks on the table than you're accustomed to? Never fear, Historic Pinecrest is here! No matter how many forks, spoons, knives and random utensils you find at your place setting, we're going to help you start decoding what they are for, and how to look like you know what you're doing through this wedding season.

Not the Napkins!

One of the first things you'll approach will be the napkin at your place setting. When you have seated yourself, you will gently take the napkin from the table, unfold it, and then lay it in your lap. If the dinner is REALLY fancy there may be a waiter who takes the napkin from the table and places it on your lap. If you need to get up, you can loosely fold the napkin, and place to the right or left of your plate, and when the meal is down you can leave the napkin semi-folded on the left side of the place setting.

Silverware, Dinnerware, and Glasses, OH MY!

When all else fails, remember that you always start from the outside and work your way in. The fork on the outside will be your salad fork, the spoon on the outside is your soup spoon. The next fork is your dinner fork, the next spoon is your teaspoon. The final fork will be your dessert fork, it will either be on the left side of your plate or occasionally above your plate depending on how the table was set. The final piece on the right side of your setting is the dinner knife, and it is not supposed to be used as your butter spreader. You should find a small bread and butter plate with a butter spreader to the upper left of your plate. If there is soup, you'll find the soup bowl on top of your dinner plate, and now, you've successfully navigated your fancy silverware!

Have you ever been halfway through a meal only to realize that you've been drinking out of someone else's glass? You're not alone, so here is a little tip to help you out: eat to your left, drink to your right. Any food dish to the left is yours, and any glass to the right is yours.

Formal Eating

The American style of eating says that you keep your knife in the right hand, fork in the left hand holding your food. After a few bite-sized pieces of food are cut, place the knife on the edge of your plate with the blades facing in. Once the pieces have been cut, you will switch your fork to the right hand (unless you're left-handed, of course).

The Continental/European style is a bit different, and while we are an event center in Colorado Springs, it's always nice to know the other way of doing things. You keep the knife in your right hand, fork in your hand, and you will continue to eat with your fork in the left hand and not switch over. If you take a drink, both utensils will be put down, not just the knife.

Preparing For a Formal Wedding Reception

We hope that you feel adequately prepared to handle the most formal of dining situations and that you enjoy the reception and food so much, the forks and knives aren't even a concern for you. Every event will be different, and many times you will find less silverware than we've discussed. At Historic Pinecrest, we look forward to hosting you at our beautiful wedding chapel in Colorado Springs, and if you are a bride looking the perfect Colorado Springs wedding venue, we would love to show you why ours is exceptional.

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Palmer Lake, CO 80133

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Friday, June 3, 2016

The 411 on Wedding Flowers

The flowers you choose for your wedding will set the entire tone for the day. If you don't believe us, think about your wedding day as a whole. The chapel will, most likely, have flowers on the pews, stage, and entryway. The flowers will also make their way into nearly every photo of your wedding day since the wedding party, family and you and your soon-to-be spouse will be holding or wearing them. Your centerpieces in our event center will also, most likely be featuring a bloom or two, as well as the head table.

The floral arrangements are going to play a huge role in your big days, so it's important to take a moment to think about exactly how you want them to be. From demure and romantic to modern and sophisticated, there are many styles and colors that you'll be choosing from, and they're all important. Here are a few ways to make this easier on yourself!

Start at the Very Beginning

Your budget is the best place to start before even talking to a florist. Flowers will generally take up about 3-8% of your wedding budget, but can sometimes use more if you haven't considered all of the necessary places they'll need to be put. You will also want to know what colors you'll need for your wedding, what your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses will look like, as well as photos of your Colorado Springs wedding venue. This will make it much easier on your florist when you ask them to give you a quote. 

Photo Credit: Bella Cakes by Thena

Find the Right Florist

It's important to find a florist who can not only help you create the look you're going for but can help you achieve that while still staying under budget. When you start looking for florists in your area, be sure to pay close attention to their portfolio, because that's where you will see what types of work they are capable of creating. If you don't know which florist to use, be sure to ask our team here at Historic Pinecrest. We have worked with many florists in the area, and we know who is not only going to provide the best service but create a quality design that you'll love to look back on. Not to mention, the florists we recommend have worked with us before, and they'll be very familiar with the layout of our building and what arrangements will be necessary, what you can get away with not including.

Possible Arrangments That You'll Need
Photo Credit: Lindsay Arlene Photography

If you don't know where to start on your floral list, here are a few suggestions. You won't need ALL of the flowers that are listed here, but it's a good place to start so you can truly visualize what you need for your big day.

Personal Flowers

  • Bride's bouquet
  • Bride's floral crown or hair flowers
  • Throw Bouquet
  • Bridesmaids Bouquets
  • Flower Girl Petals, Bouquet, or Hairpiece
  • Boutonnieres (Groom, Ushers, Ring Bearer, Fathers, Grandfathers, Minister)
  • Corsages (Bride's Mother, Groom's Mother, Grandmothers, Guestbook Attendant, Musicians)
  • Hairpieces For Any Wedding Party

Photo Credit: Stacey's Bloomers

Ceremony Flowers

  • Alter arrangement
  • Free standing arrangements
  • Candelabra
  • Pew/seating decorations
  • Aisle carpet
  • Entrance Decoration

Reception Flowers

  • Head tablepiece
  • Guest tables
  • Gift table
  • Hors d Oeuvres table
  • Arbor
  • Cake Topper
  • Cake Flowers
  • Cake Knife or Toasting Glasses

With so many decisions to make during this busy time of your life, count on the people who want to make it even easier! At Historic Pinecrest, we cannot wait to help you create the day of your dreams in our beautiful Colorado chapel. From the flowers to the catering, we can help you plan all of the details for your big day, and make it the best possible. Visit our website today to learn more about our beautiful Colorado Springs wedding venue!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Taking The Mystery Out of Wedding Guest Attire

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the mail, and immediately went to Google to see what in the world that looks like? Don't worry, you're not alone. There can be many different fashion classifications for what a wedding guest should wear, and even though the bride and groom and told you what to wear, it doesn't keep you from wanting to take a picture of your outfit and text it to her, just in case. At Pinecrest Event Center we see many different wedding styles, and we're the first to tell you that no matter what you wear, the bride and groom are just glad to see you! Just in case you're feeling nervous about the wardrobe, we've got a few clues to help you out.

Farage Photography

White Tie

This is the most formal a wedding can be, and to get the picture, you're thinking of state dinners and the Oscars.

His Apparel
You will want to wear a tuxedo. This will include a long black jacket with tails, a white pique vest, and a bow tie. Black, formal shoes and even white gloves if there will be dancing.

Her Apparel
This is your chance to wear that full-length, formal ball gown! Choose a neutral color like dark brown or black. You can also wear glamorous makeup and dramatic hair and jewelry.

Black Tie

This is less formal than a white tie event, but it's still a classy event that is usually held in the evening.

His Apparel
A tuxedo, black bow tie, cummerbund and patent leather shoes.

Her Apparel
Pull that cute cocktail dress out of your closet and take it out dancing! You can also wear a long evening gown in dark or neutral colors. If you don't know about the appropriate dress length, you can feel free to ask the bride or the wedding party.

Formal Or Black Tie Optional

While this is still a classy event, it is a bit less formal than black tie, though you can wear that and look appropriate.

His Apparel
A tuxedo or formal dark suit and tie.

Her Apparel
A long dress, dressy suit, or formal cocktail-length dress. Choose dark or neutral tones like brown, gray or black.

Beach Formal

You've officially been invited to an elegant beach wedding, and this is your chance to dress to impress before you go put your swimsuit back on to take a dip in the water. Be sure to dress for the elements. Sun, sand, wind and water can do quite a number on your outfit if you aren't prepared for it.

His Apparel
A nice summer suit with a linen shirt (no tie is required), linen pants or khakis and sandals (or barefoot if specified.)

Her Apparel
A formal summer sundress at tea or knee length with flat sandal should do the trick. Your makeup and hair can be natural and every day.

Semiformal Or Dressy Casual

Before you start digging through your closet, look at the time of the event. If it's being held in the evening, you'll opt for darker colors if it's in the afternoon than you can wear lighter colors and fabrics. Either way, it's somwhere in between formal and casual.

His Apparel
A suit and tie will pair perfectly with this event. The colors and materials are dependent on the time and season of the event.

Her Apparel
A cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top.


If you see casual on the invite that generally means that anything goes. Though you probably don't want to opt for jeans, shorts, and tank tops - unless they are mentioned on the invite. Just assume this means business casual, and you should come in the right apparel.

His Apparel
Dress pants with a button-down shirt or polo.

Her Apparel
Summer sundresses, or a skirt or pants with a nice blouse. Your hair and makeup can be natural and every day.

The Best Colorado Springs Wedding Venue

We hope that this list has taken some of the mystery out of the attire you'll need to wear at your next Colorado Springs wedding. At Historic Pinecrest, we want to not only help brides prepare for their big day, but help you know exactly what to do when planning for it as well. If you or a bride you know is still looking for a beautiful wedding venue in Colorado Springs, we would love to get in contact with you and help you find the perfect date! Visit our website to learn more about our venue and what ot expect when you get married at Historic Pinecrest!

A Beautiful Wedding Awaits...

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