Wednesday, March 23, 2016

9 Things to Remember When Buying Your Wedding Shoes

Aside from the dress, your shoes are the next most important part of your wedding apparel. With so many styles, colors and heel heights to choose from, how do you know which will be the right choice for you? At the Historic Pinecrest, we want to help you plan every part of your big day, and help you make it run as smoothly as possible. While you're planning your Colorado Springs wedding, here are a few things to remember when buying your wedding shoes!

Remember That You Will Need To Wear Your Shoes

While you want shoes that will be stylish, you will want to find shoes that will be comfortable enough to spend your time in. Before purchasing those skyscrapers that you've been looking at, think about how you'll handle walking in them on your wedding day.

Select Special Shoes

While you're shopping for your shoes, don't be afraid to find the shoes that are special. While you want to be able to walk in them, and spend time standing for your ceremony and photos, you also want shoes that make you feel special. Don't be afraid to pick something fun!

Break Them In

The first time you put your shoes on should not be on your wedding day. You want to start breaking them in on the carpet several weeks before your wedding so that your feet can start to get used to them. You'll be spending several hours in these shoes, so it's best to make sure they've had time to mold to your feet.

Take Heel Measurements

When you get your shoes, be sure to tell the place that is altering your dress. You'll need to know the exact height of your heel to make sure that your dress isn't too long or short. Also, make sure you order them within plenty of time for your fitting. Your wedding shoes will need to be worn at your fitting, and you don't want any last minutes panics.

You Can Dye Your Shoes

If you can't find any shoes that match your color scheme perfectly, you can always consider having them dyed! This can also help for your bridesmaids as well if you want a specific shade of shoes for everyone in your Colorado Springs event.

Match Your Theme

Think about the type of wedding you will be having, and then buy shoes that match. If you're having a romantic spring garden wedding, you may want flats or wedges that will be easy to navigate. For a rustic western wedding, you may want to wear cute cowboy boots. While you don't have to match the theme, you certainly can!

Practice Walking In Your Shoes

Not only do you need to break your shoes in, you should practice walking in them for the sake of not falling over. Think about the floor type you'll be walking on, and considering walking around on them. Carpet can be challenging because the padding underneath can make balancing hard while slick hardwoods are hard because you never know when you might step wrong and lose your footing.

Plan For The Weather

A winter wedding in Colorado may require shoes that keep your feet warm while spring wedding may call for cute rain boots. No matter what the weather does, wear the shoes that make you feel the best, and just come up with a backup plan in case of surprises.

Don't Forget to Pamper Your Feet!

It's your big day! Don't forget to pamper you tootsies with a pedicure. Pick out a beautiful polish that complements your skin tone or matches your wedding. Don't forget to opt for a polish like a gel manicure, so it will last throughout the honeymoon too!

Best Wedding Venue in Colorado Springs

As you're planning for your wedding, don't forget to book the best venue! At Historic Pinecrest, we aim to make your wedding a fabulous memory through our expert service and beautiful venue. Our mountain chapel and large event center give you plenty of beautiful places to take photos and make memories. Contact us today to book your wedding date!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ways to Make your Wedding Memorable

You wedding day will easily be one of the most memorable days of your life. The day you say "I do" to your forever soulmate is always full of nostalgia and wonderful memories. At Historic Pinecrest, we love to help you and your loved ones create a day that you can always look back on with wonder. As you're planning your Colorado wedding, you can use these ideas to help create a day that will last a lifetime!


Your decor can make a huge impact on the memory of your wedding. It doesn't have to be extravagant to be memorable. If you or your husband is from a specific nationality, you can incorporate details from their traditions into the food, table settings, and floral arrangements. If you both appreciated specific drinks during your relationship, you can toast with Mountain Dew and Root Beer (for example), or even coffee. Let your relationship define the style of the wedding, and it will be all the more special.

Ceremony Moments

Make your ceremony special with fun aspects that incorporate your love and your family. If you have family members that live far off and won't be able to make it to the wedding, you can have them send you special weddings notes to be incorporated into the ceremony. Your pastor can include details of your love story to help paint a romantic picture of what has brought the two of you to this moment.


While you can use a book for your guests to sign, you can make it memorable by being creative. One couple really loved puzzles, and the guests signed a custom designed puzzle to be displayed in their home. Other couples have both loved music, so everyone signed a guitar. There are so many ways you can get creative with this aspect of your wedding, and create something that you'll cherish forever.


Your cake can make a huge statement, and be incredibly memorable for your wedding. You can make your wedding cake fun and fancy, or you can save the creativity for the grooms cake! Think of things your spouse-to-be loves and plan a cake around that. If they love to hunt, fish, ski, snowboard or donuts, you can plan a cake around those hobbies. It will be memorable for sure!

Reception Details

The love is in the details, so they say. Show your guests some love with the details and favors that you provide. There are so many creative ways you can incorporate your love story into your wedding. From coffee beans to candy, and hand warmers to flip flops, don't be afraid to incorporate your story into every detail of the wedding. In fact, that's what makes them so much fun!

Celebrate Your Wedding in Colorado Springs!

At Historic Pinecrest, we aim to make your wedding a historic event that will go down the memories of you and your guests for years. Our beautiful mountain chapel is the perfect place to say your "I do's" and make beautiful memories. Our event center holds up to 225 guests, giving you plenty of space to dance and enjoy your Colorado Springs wedding reception. Book your Colorado Springs wedding today!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

7 Special Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress

In the past, it has been common for a daughter to wear her mother's wedding dress when she gets married. Where did this tradition come from? Unfortunately, the internet didn't divulge much information, but there are plenty of speculations as to why this was such an important tradition. Perhaps, years ago, it was a way of saving money, if you already had a beautiful dress, why not re-use it? Alternitively, it can be extremely sentimental, and a great way to cherish history. In fact, you can find many brides who are wearing the same dress from many generations past.  Our last thought is that maybe it was meant to be your "something old."

No matter how the tradition got started, it is not a common practice today, and many brides choose to purchase their own wedding dress. If you want to include the sentimentality of your mother's dress in your wedding, or create something special for your own daughter someday, and don't know where to start, you can use these ideas when planning your Colorado Springs wedding at Historic Pinecrest!

Create a Christening Dress

This is becoming a popular idea among many brides who will be christening their child. You can hire a seamstress through online businesses like Etsy, or a local seamstress, to create this masterpiece for you. While it may feel like a large leap to let someone cut up your dress, it will be a special piece you can save for years to come. You can even frame the small dress years after your daughter grows out of it, and use it for her daughter when the time comes.

Take Photos Of Your Baby Girl With Your Dress

Another popular way to save the memory of your dress is to do a photo shoot of your baby with your dress. It will perfectly embody "something old, something new," and can be a sweet keepsake if or when you get ride of your dress.

Donate Your Dress

There are many organizations who accept wedding dress donations. They can be used for bride's who can't afford a dress of their own or auctioned off at a bridal event to support a special cause. This would be a great way to know that your dress has been a special memory for someone else as well.

Embellish Your Daughter's Bouquet

You can use pieces of satin, tulle, lace, and buttons to embellish your daughter's bouquet at her own wedding. This would be a special way to incorporate your wedding dress into your daughter's special day, without her having to wear your dress. Many women don't wear their mother's dress, due to sizing issues, style perferences or even years of age making the entirety of the dress unusable, but pieces are still salvageable.

Play Dress Up and Take Photos with Your Daughter

Create a special memory with your daughter and play dress up with your dress! This will be a moment she will never forget. You can do her makeup and hair, let her wear your shoes and jewelry and top it off by letting her wear your dress. Don't forget to commemorate this day with photos!

Make a Necklace

This would be a lovely way to wear your mother's dress at your wedding and accomplish your "something old, something new." By using pieces from the wedding decor, the dress, and having names and dates engraved on the back of the necklace, this can make a very special piece that you'll wear for years to come. You can also do this with your own dress, especially if you have several daughters. It would be a significant way to give them each a piece of your dress. You can create a piece like this with supplies from a craft shop, or you can find many craftsmen on Etsy who can create this for you.

Do a Photo Shoot With Your Friends

After your group of friends get married, you can do a fun photo shoot to commemorate the day and the dress. Spend the day getting dressed up like you did years before on your wedding day, and do a fun photo shoot in a location that is either significant to all of you, or someplace entirely new that you can come back to years later.

Celebrate Your Wedding in Colorado Springs

While you may spend months looking for the perfect wedding gown, isn't doesn't take long to find the perfect wedding venue in Colorado Springs. Our venue is complete with a breathtaking mountain chapel, large event center, and we even have a lodge that can hold up to 20 guests. Contact us today to book your dates and let us help you make beautiful memories at Historic Pinecrest!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Family Reunion Away From Home

Family reunions are a wonderful time to get together with the people who mean so much to you. As life gets busy, we don't always get to catch up with family members as much as we would like, but a reunion gives us that opportunity to stop time and enjoy each others company for a while. At Historic Pinecrest, our Lodge makes for a perfect venue to host your family reunions in Colorado Springs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hosting the reunion away from home.

You Don't Put Pressure On One Family Member

There can be a lot of details that go into planning a family reunion, and if you're the one hosting it, there are added pressures. Not only do you feel like your house has to be clean when everyone arrives, but you'll constantly feel the need to continue cleaning throughout the event. When you host your family reunion at Historic Pinecrest, we can help take the pressure off one person having to prepare, by having it all prepped for you! Our Lodge has nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, a full-service kitchen and high-speed wi-fi access. It's like being at home, without the need to constantly keep it organized!

It's a Reunion and Vacation in One!

A family reunion in Colorado is more than just a reunion - it's a vacation! You have access to all of the fun adventures that Colorado Springs offers, as well as dining and entertainment. You can opt to do these activities as a group, or you can all split off and do them separately. No matter what season you plan your reunion for, we're certain that you'll find an adventure that is perfect for you.

You Can Choose a Central Location

If your family is spread out over the country, it can be helpful to choose a location that is centrally located. Colorado Springs is within easy traveling distance, and we have a regional airport that will make flying in a breeze.

Enjoy a Change of Scenery

If your family does all live in the same area, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need. Colorado boasts of majestic mountain views, activities that you may not be able to enjoy in your own hometown, and of course, our beautiful Historic Pinecrest lodge. You'll be surrounded by natural beauty all around, and maybe even get to catch sight of our wildlife!

No Cleanup Necessary!

One of the best reasons to host your family reunion away from home is that you don't have to deal with the clean up. If you host a large event at your home, I'm sure you know how trashed it can be afterwards. Sometimes you need a vacation to recover from your vacation! When you host your event with us we will take care of this detail for you, and you get to enjoy time with family and then go home to rest and recuperate!

Family Reunions in Colorado Springs

Our Lodge is the perfect combination of rustic and homey. There is plenty of space, and two levels with large rooms to gather and have fun. While Pinecrest is typically thought of as a fantastic wedding venue in Colorado Springs, we also have facilities that are perfect for many different events. Give us a call today at 719-357-8613 to book your next Colorado Springs event!

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