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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of things that need to be lined out in advance, for your big day. From the venue to entertainment to photography, many of these professions book up quickly. Whether you have a certain photographer in mind or are working with a company for the first time, you may want to ask some specific questions before you book. We can help provide a breathtaking wedding venue near Colorado Springs, making the perfect place for your wedding photos! Take a look below for questions you should ask your wedding photographer.

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1) What percent of your business is spent shooting weddings?

It is great to find a photographer who specializes in event photography. If that is not your photographer's sole responsibility, inquire about how much time they actually spend doing events or weddings. This can help you narrow down which company you want to go with.

2) Have you worked at the venue we chose?

While this should not be a make or break your decision, it would be nice to know if they are familiar with your venue. From great photography shots to ideal backgrounds - they have likely figured out the sweet spots on the property for great shots. This can help give you more time with the photographer, versus them finding the right location for a shoot.

3) Will you be photographing our wedding? Do you have a backup if needed?

Many photography companies have more than one photographer. It's best to meet with the individual who will be shooting your big day. Also inquire about emergency fill ins, if needed. Whether there is a family emergency or an illness, it's nice to know that someone will be there to fill in, during your big day.

4) Can we look at your recent work?

It's always a good idea to look at a photographers work, before booking. This can help give you a good idea of their style and see if it matches up to what you are looking for on your wedding day. After all, these images will be looked back upon for a lifetime.

5) Will you follow a shot list, if we provide one?

Most wedding photographers will follow a shot list, if requested. It's best to double check and see if that setup works for the both of you. You can ask how detailed of a list you want. Whether it's a list for family & bridal party photos or they want shots described for the entire event, it's best to be upfront about your expectations.

6) How do you describe your photography style?

By asking the photographer this question and looking through their previous work, you can get a good feel for what they like to capture in photos. It's best to know your styles match up, before you get locked in.

7) What are your photography package options?

Many photography companies offer a wide range of packages and/or custom options for your big day. Be sure to ask about these options up front. It's best to know what you are getting into so you are both on the same page as far as expectations. Also inquire about the pricing options that go along with these packages.

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8) Do you provide prints or digital copies?

This question can help you narrow down a photographer, as well. Whether you're looking for a photographer who provides prints versus digital images may help you make your decision. If you have a specific expectation, it's important to inquire about it first.

9) How many hours of photography coverage do you offer?

While the various packages may lend to this answer, it's best to double check and inquire about the time commitment you are expecting. It's important to allow adequate time to capture the moments you want. Whether you want shots of the bridal party getting ready at the beginning or plenty of reception images of your family and friends enjoying the party, or both - be sure to ask about this ahead of time.

10) When can we expect to see the photos from our big day?

This is an important question to ask. It's good to have upfront knowledge about the expected time of completion, when it comes to your wedding photographs. This can help give you an idea of when the images will be ready and help your photographer avoid a daily phone call asking if they are complete yet.

Now that you have seen some of the things to inquire about when meeting with a potential photographer, you're ready to start your search. If you haven't locked down your venue for your big day, The Historic Pinecrest can help! Our beautiful wedding venue in Colorado offers spectacular mountain views outside and a breathtaking space inside. If you want to schedule a private tour of our venue, give us a call or text 719-357-8613 today!

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