Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invites

Planning for your big day may seem to come with many guidelines... don't be overwhelmed, our wedding venue near Colorado Springs is here to help. While there are some suggestions for wedding invitations, don't focus too much on these. This is you AND your future spouse's big day, your invitations should fit your style and personality. Even though picking invitations may seem a bit intimidating, we'd love to help by providing a beautiful wedding venue for your special day. Here at The Historic Pinecrest, our focus is to make your Colorado Springs wedding EXACTLY what you've always imagined.

Narrow Down Style

While there are a TON of wedding invitation options, it's important to start narrowing down your selections early. This can help keep you and your significant other from being too overwhelmed with your options. Whether you want an image of you two love birds or a simple design, start to think about the style of your wedding invitations early on in the process.

Incorporate Colors

After you select your wedding colors, try to incorporate these colors into your wedding invites. This is a great way to create a seamless look throughout your entire wedding experience. It's also a great way to hint to potential guests what colors your wedding will be. They may aim to stay away from these colors in the attire they choose for your big day - to keep from matching the bridal party.

Ensure Legibility

One of the most important aspects of your wedding invites is the ability for them to be easily read. This can help eliminate confusion or mistakes on location, date, time or any other information you may include. If you select a dark background, ensure your type color is light enough to be read with ease. Also try to select a font that fits your style and is legible.

Keep it Simple

Try to avoid overcrowding your wedding invitations. With a bunch of information squished together, it can be hard for your guests to distinguish the imperative pieces. Consider holding the invitation at arm's reach and ensure it's simple enough that important information is easily read.

Think Households

When ordering invitations, you don't need to order one for every person you are inviting - think households. Only one invite per home needs to be ordered. This can help keep you invitation budget at bay. Also, don't forget to order extra invites. They will come in hand if a mistake is made addressing or when you have last minute guests you want to invite.

Proofread A LOT

Before ordering your wedding invitations, it's imperative that you proofread them over and over. It's not a bad idea to have a few of your trusted friends and family members lay eyes on it as well. This can help to prevent an embarrassing typo or even worse - wrong information being dispersed about your big day.

Now that you've read up on these tips to help make selecting wedding invitations a breeze, you're ready to get started. BUT FIRST, it's important you narrow down the right venue for your special day. We'd love to show you around our beautiful Colorado Springs wedding venue! Give us a call to schedule a private showing and see what all the hype is about. We look forward to being apart of your wedding day!

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